Thursday, April 21, 2011

... So clearly...

I haven't blogged in a while.

My apologies.

Life, as you know it, has been changing. Yes, for the better, and yes as I am making more decisions for myself.

But it doesn't mean that I shouldn't be taking the time to write. I have missed writing.

But, my blog title doesn't make much sense anymore. Seeing as that since I have last written, I have had a birthday. So happy birthday (belated, obviously) to me. Happy 24. And a half. Plus a month.

A lot has changed around here. As in... seriously a lot.

I have moved out, deactivate facebook, no longer live with JM because we broke up.

My doing. No more tears.

Eventually, in life, decisions have to be made for yourself.

Decisions to be happy. Decisions to make the most of life. Decisions to laugh instead of cry, and to dream instead of stay. Decisions to play instead of work all the time. And decisions to be the person I have wanted to be, and stopped trying to be, for so long.

It's funny how relationships work sometimes. There are minutes that you are so in love. Minutes that you can't imagine life without someone else. And then those minutes turn into hours, you stay and then look back 6 months later wondering where the time went. And how you got to the point you are at.

The minutes tick by. The hours go on. Time passes whether you think it will or not. And the decision to be happy and to smile? That's one that should be present with every minute.