Monday, June 6, 2011

Music for each and every day

I have recently discovered Pandora, the free internet radio.

((Yes, I understand it's 2011, and I have graduated from college in the past 4 years, and had a full time job. Yes, I understand I should have found Pandora a long time ago.))

That is neither here, nor apparently there.

Pandora seems to understand all of my musical whims before I even know what they should be. It is.... freakish. As in, it literally plays the songs and the artists that I want/need to hear in that very moment before I sort of lead it in the right direction.

It senses my moods in my fingertips. Weird, yes? Anyone else with the Pandora knowing what it is they should play for you before you know it yourself? Does it creep ANYONE else out?

Side note. I am looking for a large, overstuffed chair for my living room. Got any great suggestions?

Yes, this is rambly. Get over it, or close me out.

Ugh, I am seriously trying to write, with serious writer's block. What a fail!!

Quick update on life: my last post? Pretty dark. Sorry for that. Life has had it's ups and downs recently (duh) and sometimes my moods and desires to do anything, whether it's writing or going out can be victim to those swings. I've been working like crazy, and last week acted like I was in college for one too many nights. My poor liver (Dear liver, again, my apologies).

I have started a garden.... alas, the sun that I thought my porch would get? Doesn't last as long as it needs to. My plants may or may not make it. Guess time will tell..

I'm trying to come up with a great trip for the summer. I'm thinking Boston for a couple of days because well... 1) I love it there and 2) it's close enough but far enough to get out of Albany. Or who knows, maybe Texas to visit JS. I am missing you, friend and am wishing you were closer more than ever these days <3

As another note, I'm back on facebook. I loved the hiatus, but it was time to rejoin. I am going to be a stickler though, and I'm not reloading it back on the blackberry. Because that's just insanity, and well.... I'm facebook clean right now. And it feels gooooood.