Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PYHO: This must be happy?

It's Wednesday, and it's time for Pour Your Heart Out, with Shell. As always, be nice, link up, but keep in mind that people are in fact, putting themselves out there.

Today, I am happy.

Today, was the first day that I trained the "new me."

Today, I will spend time with JM, the man who has grown so much recently and become the man I love.

Today, I smile because I know that I am more and more like myself these days.

Today, I am happy.

Today, I am glad for my family, and my sister who passed her nursing boards, and for my friends who got to spend time with their family.

Today, I am happy that I heard from SR's mom, and that they are doing well.

Today I am happy to have reconnected with a friend who shares a love for sprinkles, sparkles and bling.

Today, although it's wicked hot outside (and no, I am not from Boston, but seriously, how cool would that be) I will smile through the sweat.

Today, I am looking forward to a vacation with that man that I love.

Today, I am excited for tomorrow. I am excited for the smiles. The laughter, the memories. The fun. The tears.

And today, I'm seriously excited that JM is folding socks, because who actually likes that part of the laundry? ;)


  1. Such a happy post! I love it!

  2. Stopping by via Shells. This is such a great post! So glad things are going so well. :)

  3. lyndsay FergusonJuly 8, 2010 at 11:28 PM

    Love you :) and that JM character!!!!! Have so much fun on your trip. You will be truly missed but am so excited for you guys!!!!!

  4. and why does that say Ferguson???????

  5. umm, I'm not sure who "JM" is...but if he folds socks, he is a keeper!!!