Monday, November 21, 2011

It might be early... But...

I was going to write a Thanksgiving post already.

And then? I realized it's Monday.

And I have a whole week to write joyous, thankful, mushy gushy love holiday posts.

So today? It's back to the funny, sarcastic Whitney that well... I hope you have all grown to know and love ;) (And if you haven't? GET READING. Just kidding! But seriously.)

A couple weekends ago I went back to my hometown. I'm not going to say it. If you know me, you know where I graduated.

Either way. I went out with a friend to a bar that well.... tends to feel like a high school reunion for me. That's neither here nor there.

What is?

Was the guy (who I apparently graduated from high school with) who tried to pick me up with the line, "It sounds like your parents house is pretty cool. You should have a party there over Thanksgiving. We could, you know. Do stuff and drink."


Last time I checked? I'm over 21 so, well... I don't need my parents to buy booze (not that they did anyways, but I digress) and I certainly am not throwing a party. At my parents house. For some guy I don't remember.

So we can "do stuff."

Yea. You're welcome.

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  1. haha oh Whitney how I love you and your sarcasm!