Monday, May 2, 2011

Random Musings

A random thought post, because I am procrastinating in writing a paper that is due in 1 hour.

I only have to write the final conclusion and fix my reference page.

And instead, I am blogging. Because I said I would write more, and well.... I clearly didn't.

I don't have internet in my new apartment right now, so I have to make sure that I am successful every time that I go to a place with WiFi. I am bringing my computer with me everywhere now, don't worry blogging universe. Maybe I'll get internet this week..... that would be nice.

Either way. I still procrastinate. Because I am awesome.

Also, I am not sleeping anymore. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?!? And I am pretty sure that I am sleep walking. Because I keep waking up with bruises. And I seriously don't want to be that girl who is taking tylenol PM every night, but holy cow it may have gotten to that point. Because I need sleep, people.

School is over on Friday. I am doing research this summer, but at least all of my classes assignments will be done this week for the semester.

Also, side note. HOLY FOR THE LOVE!!?? Why do grad students NOT know how to do presentations? It's not acceptable any longer.
((Ooooh my professor just showed up to the cafeteria. I am writing her paper. Due in 55 minutes. Eeeeeekkk)).
But seriously. I have a class. These people are SO BAD at giving presentations. They actually were talking to EACHOTHER during a group presentation. Like looking at eachother confused as to why there was something up on the slide twice. Well..... you put it there.
Clue in people.

ALSO. When one participates in a group project? It is not appropriate to then send an email asking for money so that one can run for Miss New York state. I am in social work school. I work 3 jobs. I don't have money for you to go be a fake contestant for a pageant that doesn't really do much for women.


Ok. Paper. Go. Ugh, let it be summer already.

And sleep remedies? Anyone? Please? I don't drink coffee anymore. Ever. I thought that might help. But it hasn't. So I'm going to starbucks. Eff this game.

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