Sunday, December 11, 2011

Starbucks Gratitude

So, as I am sitting here at Starbucks (it must be the end of the semester) writing papers, sipping quietly out of my holiday red cup, listening to my Pandora stations, I am struck by how the holidays change people.

People aren't angry to be standing in line, waiting for their caffeine jolt. They are smiling. They are talking to the ones around them. There are kids bringing their baristas presents.

And they are happy.

And that, my friends, is what the holidays are all about. Smiling at those around you. Trying to make someone elses' day just a little bit better, because well.... you can. Paying for someone elses' coffee because it's the holiday spirit. Slowing down just a bit during this ever so hectic season to look up and see what's going on around you.

And being thankful for it.

Sap post. Get over it. :)

((This last paper is due tomorrow. Which means there will be plenty of new blogs in the next couple of weeks. But seriously? I can only write so much.))

Do something nice for someone today. Smile. Hold the door.

It's the holidays.

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