Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The First One

Well this will certainly be something new, fun and exciting.

I have decided to start blogging. Yikes. About my crazy, great, perfectly imperfect life.

I can't promise this will go in any specific direction. It won't be a blog about my kids, because well, I don't have any. It might be a blog about funny stories from bartending. Or about working with people who are just a few crayons short of a full box. It might be the story about a breakdown or two along the crazy life of going back to school and juggling a bunch of other life stuff. It will definitely include funny stories or great adventures with that super great boyfriend, JM. It could be stories from him bartending. It most certainly will try to be funny, include pictures, and hopefully at least a post a week.

That's my new year's resolution, starting in the middle of January. (I also suffer from procrastination, which will definitely be apparent in further posts). So, some more New Year's Resolutions, because if they're written, they just might carry some weight. Good joke, but certainly a different option.

  • Get back in shape, and maybe run a half marathon in September.

  • Blog at least once a week, even if it's just something silly.

  • Smile and laugh every single day even if there doesn't feel like there's something funny to laugh about

  • Take pictures of things that matter, and even stuff that doesn't.

  • Plan and execute a totally sucessful St. Baldrick's event in March (more to come, I promise on that one)

  • Take a trip with JM somewhere new, fun and exciting.

I think that sounds good so far. And those may be more "goals" than anything else.

A girl's gotta start somewhere :)

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