Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nothing but blue skies, do I see

I have a love affair going on right now.

It's ok. Tell JM. He knows already.

I love the spring. I love the little flowers poking up from the ground. I love the return of the sunshine (because in NY, there is nothing like the return of the sun). I love the refreshing breeze, and the crispness that is the afternoon. I love walking in rain boots. (JM hates this aspect. Eh, you win some and lose some I say. :) )

I love the way I feel in the spring. Like anything is possible. Everything is fresh, and clean and new. I love the way that just going outside in the middle of the afternoon can cure any part of a bad day you may be having.

I love the way I feel when I come inside after being outside for so long. Like a totally new, and awake person.

Ahhh, it is totally lovely.

If only it wasn't going to rain in Albany all weekend, we would have a great, great 10 day forecast.

I haven't worn a jacket to work in 2 days. (Well, a winter jacket. I'm still wearing a heavy sweater, or a light jacket but still. I am one of those crazy people who, after the winter thinks that anything above 35 is summer weather. Call me crazy, and most do!)

Anyways, tonight is date night. (More on this tomorrow).

And tonight, I think, it will be fun to play in the park. Or walk outside. Or do something that involves the sun, and a light jacket and puddles. And the rosiness on your cheeks from smiling and being in the sun again.

Ahh... welcome spring. I have missed you!

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