Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Baldrick's


is 5 days away.




This came up fast. Yes, I understand that there is a lot that can't be done until the last minute. But man oh mannnn. We are going to have a TON of people at the event this year. (More details can be found here). We are going to have GREEN hair extensions. We are going to have bands. We are going to have food.

And raffles.

And cupcakes (!!!!!!)

And a whole lot of people deciding to shave their heads to better the world, and to show unity with children who have such a hard fight in the beast that is cancer.

This weekend is for all those kids who are still fighting.

It is an event for all those kids who courageously fought their battle, but were called to be angels instead.

It is for all those people who don't understand the lack of funding and research that goes into pediatric cancer research.

And how, having a parent, or friend, or community member shave their head to show a child how brave, courageous, daring, humble, and graceful they are during their battle, that they are not alone.

We are here. We are raising money. We are working and fighting for you.

So seriously. Click here. Or here. Because JM is shaving his head. And he would appreciate donations too.

5 days. So far, over $34,000. Goal is $75,000. Help us get there. Help us conquer this "C" word that takes so many people we love. Because without help, and without faith, and without donations, we're still where we are today.

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