Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oooh look! An update!

I know, I know, I am totally being awful at this whole... keeping up with the blog post-St. Baldrick's thing.

I promise, I'll be better my faithful 12 followers. After all, I gotta be keeping up with my New Years Goals (because we certainly don't call them resolutions. Too much upset-ness when you totally fall off the "New Year's Resolution Bandwagon."

It's a fall drop. I've been there before, trust me.


So, an update about the past 2+ weeks.

1. St. Baldrick's. In a (couple) word(s): phenomenally uplifting. Strengthening. Happy. Celebratory. As of right now, we have raised over $80,000 just at our event. That's beyond amazing, and completely mind-blowing. $80,000. Wow. sers. As soon as I get pictures from people, I will upload them. Until that point, imagine 171 people shaving their heads in a show of unity and strength for those kids who are fighting their cancer battle on a day to day basis, and for those kids who became angels before their time as a result of this awful "c" word.

2. School. Totally blows. That's pretty much it, except for the fact that I am lacking motivation and just don't feel like papers about useless point-less stuff should really actually matter. Because I am still on the high of organizing a ton of people and raising a lot of money. Is a social work degree really going to help me with that? Besides, school takes a lot of time, and well... sleep just sounds so much more useful these days.

3. Carrie Underwood. Totallllllllly phenom. Absolutely phenomenal show, with an absolutely phenomenal friend. (JM bought us tickets, because as the note on the door stated "My schedule sucks. Enjoy a girls night with JS, you guys deserve it." Ahhh that JM. He's so great :)

This is clearly JS and I at the show. One quick note, Sons of Sylvia, totally could pass. Their lead singer looks like a mix of Edward Cullen and Steven Tyler (from Aerosmith). Impressive. Or, well... not so much. Carrie on the other hand? Total rock star. Totally wish I could be her. or her best friend. Whatever. Stop judging.

4. Work. I may or may not have totally checked out of this whole "working at Albany Med" thing. I am so over it. That's pretty much it, because until July 23rd, I am kinda stuck here. Blows.

5. Bartending, and the culture around it. Yes, totally great for the cash money. Yes, totally great for the few hours and hopefully large sums of cash. Not so great for the sexual innuendos. Granted, comes with the job, and you deal with it cuz it gets the tips and well, if you go right back at them, it's not a big deal. However, totallllllly not a fan of silly girls thinking my super fabulous JM is a swayable member of the bartending world. Back off, I'm a ninja. Be intimidated. Besides, he's not yours. So, if you could please stop giving me dirty looks when I kiss him at the bar while he's working, that would be great.

There ends that rant. Phewwwwww. Close one.

6. Certainly not least, I found a 10 day trip to Italy. For $1600 per person. In May. When it's totally gorgeous.

Did I mention it includes your airfare (round trip out of Albany) and a 9 night stay at a hotel (a nice hotel) in Florence? Someone tell me spending $1600 is not currently financially feasible.

Because if you don't, I might just go. So if I don't pick up my phone at the end of May, I just might be in Italy. Cuz you know, I'm cool like that ~~

Oh, and JS and I totally went to go see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. Check out my cool lightening bolts above. Yea, I know. You're totally impressed. WABAM!!


  1. Oh Whitney, I would totally blow $1600 on a vacation. It definitely would not be the first time.

    Actually, I just made the most responsible decision of my life, (thought I may start growing up at 29) and turned down a Mexico vacation this week. If it wasn't for our upcoming adoption though, I would totally be laying on the beach right now.

    So, if you can swing it, I say do it! Sorry, may not be the advice you were looking for. :)

  2. Hi Whitney! It´s so amazing what you have done since 2007 :-) I really like your blog, I enjoy reading it. You should go to Italy - and before going back home - visit me in Cologne! :-)You are always welcome.

    Take care!

    All the best,
    your Irish ex-roomie Julia