Thursday, June 10, 2010

I told ya I was going to be crafty!

So, I got this idea from Love, Actually, a blog I have been following for a while.

There are all these super cute ideas as to how to "spice up" or "keep the love alive" in your relationship.

It's cute.

And totally crafty.

And like I said yesterday, DUH, I was going to be crafty last night.

So, I went to Michael's to try to get crafty supplies. And they may not have had the tiles that I wanted, but they had these super cute little wooden mats, of sorts, that I decided would work just fine.

And then....

I spent 35 minutes trying to find magnets. Seriously. Shouldn't they be labelled in the aisles?! Seriously. Because, they're not.

Anyways, so this is the finished product. Don't mind the really awful picture quality. It's from my phone, and lets all be serious for a minute, it doesn't take iPhone quality photos. But it'll do, so you have to deal :) Maybe tonight when I get home I'll actually take a better picture. Who knows. Either way, this was a super fun, super easy craft. And who doesn't like personalized magnets???

No one. That's right.

((note that some of these (read: one) are mounted on a piece of scrap-booking paper, and some are just the picture on the wooden block thingy. My technical skills are to be rivaled right now, I know.))


  1. Very cute and so crafty. Bravo.

  2. whit those are so cute! im impressed with your craft skills :) love you!

    love,katie* <3

  3. Great craft! :) I love the easy ones too!

  4. I love that some of those pictures are from our photo shot :). Kinda like my fingerprints get to be on it too! :) I love you both....but you knew that already! :)