Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A taste of Rochester: The Trash Plate Edition

This is Jake. He is my Cousin Once Removed aka Snugs aka Veagabomb. (No joke, that's what some of his friends call him. Awesome nickname? I think YES) And he is sitting with a trash/garbage plate.

And it is glorious.

Now, for all those readers who aren't from upstate/western NY and don't know what a trash plate is, here's the breakdown:

1: Styrofoam plate
1/2 home fries (or french fries depending on where you are)
1/2 macaroni salad
2 cheeseburger patties
Chopped Onions
andddd the Secret HotSauce
As much ketchup as you would like. I tend to use.... a lot. As can be seen by the "1/2 plate" aka less one burger patty that Jake "Veagabomb" and I split while I was at home.

And then... enjoy.

Now, because this is considered the "drunk" food of Rochester, because well, there aren't many people who willingly put this into their bodies while they are sober, you have to understand.

It's also not something you eat every day. Because seriously....
Do a google search. You'll see why. It's the amount of calories for almost 2 full days. And we'll just leave it at that.

Upon ingesting the garbage/trash plate in a state that is reached after alcohol consumption...


There. I said it. It is the cure-all for hangovers/enough calories and grease to put in you after a night out on the town.

And it is the one thing that those people who move away from Rochester, go back to have. Even if it is fabulously unhealthy. What's the treadmill for, people!?

Well.... that and Abbott's ice cream. But that post, my friends, is for another day. One in which I will tell you all things that are delicious about Chocolate. Almond. Soft Serve.

PS. trying to be a pescatarian at my brother's graduation party? Yea, it didn't work. I'm back on the bandwagon, but still, there was too much chicken being served for every meal. And the deal is that while changing your personal diet choices, you don't become a burden to those around you. Or make them feel guilty.

So I ate chicken.

And.... some pulled pork. Because my mom makes the most bomb pulled pork ever. Well, I guess I do, because I sat pulling it for an hour pre-party ;) oh well, whatever, it was delicious!


  1. I am so jealous of this post.... I wish I was home, eating the same thing!!

    And it IS the ultimate hang-over preventer....

  2. Well, this one was at Empire Hots in Webster, but YES Nick Tahoe's (NT's closes early though now, because of the neighborhood. Tear... ) How do you know about NT, Shell??

  3. The chef at E-Hots is the original NT chef...did you know that? :-)