Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm baaaaack....

Hello blog world, it has been a while.

I have received word from LA that I haven't written in well....

a really, really long time.

I'm sorry. I don't know why so many of us feel the need to apologize for not writing, but I promise, I'm coming back.

Quick recap of the past month (ish) of my life:

Spent a week at home with the family. Laying in the pool, eating Rochester food, and loving Wegmans. It was great, relaxing, and full of sun, which for Rochester, is a tad bit of a miracle.

And then I came back to Albany, enjoyed days of sleeping in, adjusting to my life as a newly full time unemployed person, and worked at a restaurant around the corner from the Saratoga Race Track.

I met girls that are fantastic. Actually, the sentence that came out of my mouth day 2 of working there was "You know, I have never met girls quite like you all before, especially being the new girl in a restaurant. This is fantastic."

It's great. And it's a 35 minute drive from home, which means I have time to think, and just be ME in my car. I love it.

I would have won $5,000 on the Travers Stakes...

had I actually placed my bet.


My birthday was last week. The big 24. So I guess I need to do some re-editing of this site, as well... perfectly imperfect at 23 doesn't work when you're 24. Eh. Whatevs. Keep reading k?

My boyfriend, the lovely JM, "proposed" using ringpops for my birthday. Yes, he is still alive, and no, there was no other ring to back them up. It's fine, these things happen. He thought it was funny, and our friends, well.... they're impressed he's breathing still. It's ok, I still love him :)

We joined the JCC, aka Jewish Community Center. We aren't Jewish. It's great. There is a pool where I can swim laps. Yay. Hopefully my hair doesn't turn green, but hey, if it does, it'll just be a great new look.

School has restarted, and after a LOVELY 2 days of "field orientation" or as I am lovingly referring to it as, the worst way to spend 12 hours which I will never get back ever, ever again, I am getting back into school mode. This year, I am promising that I am going to actually do the readings. JM is very supportive, and so, this has become my new life:

I have become best friends with my coffee maker again. Be impressed, I promise, I'm back :)


  1. was it a real proposal???? and whoa..full time unemployed...I can't wait for june when that is me..Just me ..all me time.. its great to hear your doing so well. love ya girlie

  2. Sorry Amanda, no real proposal, he was just being goofy. One of those "Well, I bought you a ring for your birthday!" types of funnies. Ha. Ha. :)