Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sometimes you have a knife in your bag...

And when you go through a metal detector, it is not a good time to have one.

I'm just saying, that every once in a while, or you know, like every day that I show up to my internship, that I walk through a metal detector.

And yesterday, I, like the oh so super healthy eater I am, brought an apple with me.

So you know, I brought a knife with me....

And like an idiot, I walked through a metal detector, sent my bag through an X-ray scanner, and well... forgot about the knife.

Team embarrassing? Check yes, please! Seriously? Who brings a knife into a secure building, where there are courts in session?

Only this girl.


  1. you are amazing!!! haha I would have done the same thing!

  2. Oh my gosh! What happened? Lol. You are too funny:-)