Friday, September 10, 2010

Speed limits are so stupid.

Sometimes.... you get pulled over by the police.

Heyyyy, and sometimes it's me.

Because apparently on the hill by my house, the speed limit is only 30 miles an hour.

First off, let me say that 30 mph is the MOST ridiculous speed limit I have ever heard of in my life. It is like.... watching paint dry. It is so slow.

Apparently, going 53 is a much better speed.

Want to know what's even better though?

Living across the street from the police station, and having the police officer who pulls you over say.... "Yea, I thought I recognized you and the car. Please be more careful."

Thank you, kind policeman, whose name I don't know. I appreciate the lack of ticket, and I promise, I will drive your insanely slow speed limit from now on.

At least, up that hill. ;)

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