Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just to point out... the April version

There is a blog that I read that every once in a while does a post on "And another thing" it's kind of a compilation of things that people just totally forget about in real life.

So, just to point out:
When you go to a bar (or restaurant), tipping a quarter is completely rude and totally unacceptable. If you can't tip 20% seriously, don't go out. Tipping is part of the deal, and the days of 15% being ok are gone. Please see here for more details.

Wedding invite lists should either be all, or none. Especially in the work place. It creates drama. And if you are a person who likes to create that type of drama, have a good explanation for why.

Mindless busy work projects for school is a total waste of time. If you want me to do something that is going to further my education, don't make it a stupid project with few guidelines and zero examples. It's annoying. And you're wasting my time.

The weather needs to be sunny a lot more often. This whole "today it's sunny and beautiful and tomorrow it's rainy and gray and gross and depressing" really isn't good for anyone's psyche.

And just because it's over 60 degrees doesn't mean that I should be able to see your totally winter bod out in public quite yet. If you didn't go to the gym over the winter season, please don't turn into a supermodel and think you're totally hot. I don't (because I haven't been to the gym) and neither should the people (especially women) who weigh a solid 50-100 lbs more than me. Not. Attractive. Figure it out.

Just because I am a Red Sox fan doesn't make me a terrorist, a sleeper cell, nor does it mean that I support Al Quaeda and 9/11. Thank you to any Yankee fan that proves just how ignorant a group of people can be.

Being 23 years old doesn't give you the right to speak to me as if I am uneducated, and undeserving of an adult conversation. If you speak in a demeaning way to me, I will do the same to you, and I will make you feel like an idiot for it. Especially in emails.

16 weeks is a really, really long time to wait to be done with a job that doesn't challenge you, where you're staying for health insurance reasons.

School advisors that are supposed to be helping me figure out my class schedule/internship should really have a faster than 15 day turn around for an email response.

People shouldn't maintain employment if they really suck at their jobs. There's enough unemployed people who are great at working, who deserve to have a job but can't get one because there's people that are dinosaur age who just can't get fired.

Butler really should have won the NCAA championship game. Duke, for all their fabulous name recognition, didn't play like a championship deserving team. Just sayin.

Not eating chicken and beef is turning out to be a lot easier than I thought it was going to.

I will have a puppy at the end of July, even if JM says he doesn't think I'll go through with it. I know deep down he's kind of excited.

I have had green extensions in my hair for over 2 weeks. Just noticing them now seems slightly awkward.

"Please" and "Thank you" are not expressions that should just be dropped in the 21st century. Make sure that the people in your life are appreciated, you never know when they may not be around anymore.

I think that covers most of it for now, but who knows... maybe we'll have a monthly "Just to point out" post. Any other thoughts my lovely 13 followers?

*>Ooohhh an update! I have 14 followers! Thank YOU my faithful 14!<*


  1. Babies should not be allowed in restaurants.
    Chicago deep dish pizza ISN'T really pizza.
    Being a Red Sox fan is a serious problem and you should get that checked out.

    That is all.

  2. This is so true.. some people just don't get it..

    although I am a Yankees fan, I do not think Sox fans are terrorists haha.

    You should also add:

    "even though your gps says to turn right, you still have to make sure the light is green or you have the ability to do so.."

    "teachers who give you a crap ton of work but then can't even grade your class' exam because they have too many other things to grade is hypocritical..what they expect out of us should be the same we expect out of them."

    what kind of puppy are you looking at getting?

  3. Amen to everything - except the wedding invite list. As someone who just got married and paid for her wedding herself, it may not possible to invite EVERYONE even if you really want them there. However, I do work in a small office so I did feel the need to include everyone at work. In turn, this meant that I had to exclude some friends etc. that I really wanted there. All in all it sucks hurting peoples feelings...especially because of money or lack thereof.

  4. OMG! Totally agreeing on the green hair extensions!!! My mom noticed them on Easter. Easter Whit!!! That was 2 weeks after we got them and I see her 4x a week!!!