Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little bit of a Woman's Intuition.

This may or may not be the greatest post I have ever read in my life.

Like, seriously.

This woman has totally hit life on the head.

Except, let's clear some things up for those who may be confused.

1) I am not pregnant. (Nor, Mom, am I trying to get pregnant, because well... just because "Fertility" is in the name of the practice of my lady parts doctor, doesn't mean I'm making use of their services.)

2) I don't know what this could be, except for teh fact I find it fabulously interesting and intriguing. See, JM, I am not the only one.

and 3) I am so sucked into this whole blog world, that it may just have to become a new way of life for me. Just saying. Look for that post still to come. But seriously, how cool??

Ahhhh, those girls.

I wonder if it ever comes around for them...


  1. Oh it does:)

    Thanks SO MUCH for the link!!!!

  2. I LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for the humor and the laughs every morning at work :) And for the straight cut honesty. It's completely refreshing (and so totally needed!)