Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My comfy couch

I have an un-canny ability to be able to pretty much fall asleep wherever I am.

So, if you add a couch, a comfy sweatshirt, a blanket, and 2 glasses of super fabulous red wine. I end up sleeping. I have come to terms with this fact. I have accepted it as a fact of life.

Even if Glee is on.

(Which if you have yet to get into, shame on you. It's awesome. And it's been DVR-ed. No worries)

However, JM doesn't feel like he ever falls asleep while watching TV, movies, or anything else while on the couch, with the blankets. He is not in the world of the acceptance quite yet. Even when I tell him he is snoring.

Good thing there is a JS around with her handy dandy iPhone to snap this photo. Please excuse my hair, because well... clearly I'm sleeping and can't be held responsible for the small little hair monster that clearly comes and makes me look like Medusa as soon as I am becoming best friends with the backs of my eyelids.

As you can see, he is just as much asleep as I am. And yes, I did add in a little sleep bubble. Because this is where my creative genius ends.

So there.

And yes, that is a beach towel on our couch. It's because I was folding laundry, and well... when you run out of space, you use the backs of couches. Stop judging. :)

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