Monday, April 12, 2010

Rita's, On the Border and a lil bit'a the Cadillac Ranch

So, this past weeked, JS and I went on a road trip.

On Friday afternoon.

Because we are totally cool like that.

JS had found a country line dancing bar in Hartford, CT, and we decided to try it out. So, I left work, we changed, got in the car, and drove on over to CT.

It was a blast.

But before we get to the lady with the light up shoes, we have to cover Rita's, my new favorite water/ice/gelato/ice-creamery place. We had some lovely Raspberry Lemonade with Gelato on TOP and it was delicious.
Then, there was a trip to an "On the Border" aka chain Mexican food. While the Lill family has driven down to Myrtle Beach many a time and seen many a sign for "On the Border" restaurants, I had never been. So we sat at the bar, and enjoyed some vegetarian grilled enchilada-y thing. It was fine. It was food. And I have officially been to On the Border.

My life, is forever changed I tell you!

So. The Cadillac Ranch.
Has a mechanical bull.
Line dancing classes on a nightly basis.
Creepy silly men who wear way too much cologne.
Women who have light up silver pumps (don't worry, I asked, and they're from WalMart about 3 years ago).
Strange old men who dance with every woman around.
A crazy cowboy line dancer who has got more moves than... someone who has a lot of moves (like, he did push-ups and this half-worm dance move in the middle of the line dance. JS and I were VERY impressed).
And we had an all around great time.

And then I went to work on Saturday, and found out that there's a country line dancing bar about... 35 minutes from Albany. It's not even hidden. Because, of course, it's called "Just Country."

Ooops :)


  1. I went to "Just Country" YEARS was sooooooooooooooooo fun!!!

    If you ever want to try it out let me know..I'd love to go back. :-)

  2. I think that that is probably the greatest idea ever :) We had so much fun, and well... driving 2.5 hours is fun, but if I can drive up Rt 9 and have the same amount of fun, I'm totally in!