Monday, May 3, 2010

A Forever Friend

It is amazing to me how quickly someone can jump into your life, and you wonder how you have survived for so long without them.

That, is the type of friend that JS is.

She is fantastically kind, honest, faithful, fiercely loyal, beautiful, adventurous, caring, loving, creative, supportive, entertaining, sincere, true, funny, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met in my life.

And on Friday, she gets to go back to the life she has been missing for so long. Back to the fiance who loves her with everything he has, and to her family who has supported and missed her for two years of school.

And I am so beyond excited for her. But there is such a pending hole that will be present in my life that I can't help but be jealous of all of those people who will get to experience her presence in their lives on a daily basis, just as I have been so blessed to have for the past 5 months.

When JM and I made the decision to rent out our guest room, I never dreamed that in 5 months, the fabulous woman who took us up on our crazy offer, would become such an important part of my life. Part of our life.

She is the best friend that every person wants in their life. She is the person who is so willing to drop everything in an instant if you are having a bad day. She is the person who can jump into any situation, with anyone and blend seamlessly, without losing herself. She is the friend who gives the greatest hugs. She is the friend who creates fun out of anything. She is the friend who buys Visine because you might just need it, and who understands my sentences when I can't figure out the ending. She is the friend who you can sit with and eat chips and salsa and call it a meal. She is the friend who doesn't judge you when you tell her you think you're losing it. She is the friend to me, who I hope I can at some point, be to her.

She is amazing, and I am so thankful that I can call her my forever friend.

And, here are some pictures from the past 5 months. There will be many more to come, because this friendship just isn't ending, I promise.

At Carrie Underwood, listening to the band whose lead singer "looks like a combination of Steven Tyler and Edward Cullen" and clearly not enjoying it. (Thank you to JM for the tickets and the girls night together!)

Random night at Bombers, because Mexican is always a good choice. Especially that delicious salsa.... :)

That same night at Bombers

At JM's birthday party which she helped me pull off

And again :)

After An Evening of Will Power gala down at the Victory Cafe

At the Country Line Dancing bar in Connecticut. Because, well... you should drive 2 hours to go there sometimes. :)

So, JS, thank you. Thank you for being the friend that I have needed these past 5 months. My life is forever better for adding you to my "charm bracelet." I am going to miss you, but don't worry. I get great miles with American Express and you can definitely bet I will be using them.

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