Friday, May 21, 2010

... I know, I know....

...I have totally sucked at blogging this week.

I have felt all sorts of out of whack this week, and just have been struggling to get through the days at work. And then literally, like I am 5 years old, have been going home, and totally crashing on my couch/in my bed/on the floor/wherever my body falls first. Pretty much until the next morning.

I think I'm over it, but man oh man, I haven't felt this "out of sorts" for a while.

Luckily for you, I think I'm back.

Many more promises for next week and maybe even this weekend?

K, thanks for the forgiveness. Totally appreciated.

The great news, is that here is a teaser for all of the posts/updates I have for this weekend/maybe tonight if you're lucky. :)

Yes, that is me.

In a sweatshirt, and jacket.

And scarf.


Welcome back to upstate NY my friends, welcome back. The day after? Yea, Mother Nature and her bi-polar disorder at it's finest.... back to 80 degrees, sunny and sunburns.

Are we joking?? Just wait for it friends. Lots of photos to come. :)

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