Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday is actually not a Fun-Day, as a heads up.

JS left on Friday. It was totally sad, and I think my eyeballs are totally broken. They keep leaking and I am not a fan, and well, even though we totally had a "Blindside/Sandra Bullock" moment, it didn't make it any easier. ((If you haven't seen that movie, I honestly don't know what you're waiting for)). I miss you best friend.

And don't worry JM, I still love you, even though my tears on Friday weren't for you. Trust me, there's plenty in here that's all about you anyways.

Moving on.

I hate Mondays.

I think I hate them even more now that it's a random Monday that I'm not working and JS isn't home to entertain me.

But still.

So, for this Monday which is totally sucking, (thank you AMC med students, you all seem to be completely ridiculous and have ZERO grasp on reality. Or last week, but who cares (!!!!))

I will go to the gym.




Remember? The place I said I was going to frequent more often? Yea. Today's the day. Ugh.

And I am going to run until I:

#1: am no longer pissed off at the entire world of stupid med students with their lack of grasp in reality.

#2: am able to face going home to an really empty, but disaster zone apartment

and finally

#3: it's time for my turn to tan. Because lightbulbs full of Vitamin D are actually EXACTLY what the Dr is ordering today.

Sorry oncology clinic. I apologize ahead of time.

And yet, I so don't. Because if I don't have someone to drink margaritas with, I am going to the gym. To run. And come home 15 lbs skinnier.

And then I am going to make something warm for dinner with the Jessica Bear and call it a day. Because honestly, I need an evening of gym-ing. And me-ing. And hanging out with this super cute bear while I cook. Because hopefully, it will remind me of all the sercret tricks JS uses when she creates delicious-ness on our super old, super "doesntreallywork" stove.


Ready and waiting for you any time, Tuesday...

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