Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Family Post (Except it's not mine!)

Sooooooooo...I’m back :) Since Whit talked about how she is becoming her parents I must too comment about how that has happened to me. Mine is more in a physical way...alright it is also in every other way possible. And I am on the countdown to being homeless :(

None of you have had the pleasure of meeting my family. Basically it is broken down like this. If you look up the word crazy in the dictionary you will see photos of both sides of my family from various family reunions. I KID YOU NOT!!! I get my athletic grace from my paternal grandmother, may she rest in peace. Side note: she is one of the reasons I am partaking in St. Baldrick’s. She passed of cancer the first day of my Senior year in High School. Miss you Grandma <3. Anyway, before she passed away, we were sitting out on her deck talking about how she had pretty much outfitted me for years with my athletic equipment. Pretty awesome. I get my list of mental diagnosis from both sides of the family. May you all be infested with different things that are uncomfortable haha JUST KIDDING!! As for the GAY, if you ever want to do a study of homosexuality being genetic, sign up my family. Holy GAY!! My family tree doesn’t have just green leaves we are a fucking technicolor tree. I am stubborn and brilliant like my father. I love him and he has been such a great teacher for me. Growing up, he was so great that he used to send me to bed without dinner because let me tell you what, I could be suchhhhhh a bitch :) Love ya Dad. As for my physical appearance and sense of humor...welcome to my MOTHER. I was in my room at home once and I called her into my room. I stood with her in from of the mirror, we were both in shorts and tank tops, and me being the smart one, covered our faces and said look we are like twins. My mother laughing so generously pointed out that due to our faces being covered, seeing in the mirror was quite difficult. Love ya MOM!! I would do anything for my family. I have been through a lot and they have ALWAYS been there for me, and for that I will forever be thankful.

As for the being homeless part. I have had the misfortune of picking apartments that like to be sold out from under me. Last year around this time, the apartment building I was living in was sold forcing me to find a new place. Ironically the same freaking thing has happened again. I am supposed to be out by March 1st…did I mention I have yet to find an apartment...hahaha love my life!!

I am soooo excited that St. Baldrick’s is less than a month away!! I am excited yet nervous because I am not sure if I can pull of G.I. Jane like Demi Moore can. I will probably just pull off preteen boy unlike any other. Regardless, it’s for a great cause. I must say I am jealous though that I can’t chew on my hair like Whit does during class, or smell it randomly ;)

~Maria, Over and Out

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