Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It has happened....

The hair.




This is the picture that I have sent to the "People" while I was in the grocery store, in the snow, after the chopping session.

This is the picture of the pony tail. Yes, I was twirling my hair all day yesterday prior to "The Cut." That's why it's all twisty. Good news, the wig making people just want the hair, even if it is all twisty.
Ok, so now for the story.
I believe in signs. I believe that sometimes God gives you signs and shows you reasons to do things. Yesterday was one of those days.
My hairdresser is about to have a baby (YAY AMY!!!) And I texted her yesterday morning asking her if there was ANY chance she could squeeze me in in the next couple of days/weeks to chop my hair. Because lets face it, my hair is my thing. It's healthy and lovely and beautifully blonde hair.
So, I text her. And I wait, and I wait... and I wait. And THEN, So-Ro's super fabulous Mom comes into clinic. For the first time since So-Ro passed. And she's doing fabulously well, and looks like an all-star and pulled together, and just like the elegant rock that she is. This woman, I tell you, is the epitomy of grace, humility and steadfastness. So anyways, she comes in, and gives us these bracelets and pins and more mass cards that we didn't get at the wake. So, I have this new bracelet and a new pin and a new mass card. And in front of me is a woman who has buried her 6 year old daughter. And I'm concerned about cutting my hair. Sheeshka.
And so, I go back to my office, after about 35 hugs, and look at my phone.
And Amy has texted me, saying that she has an opening at 4:30. As in. THAT day at 4:30. So I have a little bit of a panic, and then I remember Mom So-Ro, and figure, hey, this is a sign.
So, I text Amy back, take the appointment, twirl my hair for the rest of the day, and go and chop it off.
And that, is how it's done. I am shipping the big pony tail tomorrow afternoon, as right now Albany is currently getting extremely snowed on, and well, my car isn't exactly the rock star in the snow that I would need it to be. And, to those who voted in the poll, the actual length is 12.5 inches. Rock. On.
I'm off to go flip and flounce with my new bouncy, short hair.
Oh and PS, JM, while has been prepared for this for over a year now, is adjusting well. He likes the cut and style, it's just that I sort of look like a different person now. ((He actually came into the kitchen last night when I got home and forgot/did a double take on the back of my head. Haha. It's ok. Last year when he shaved his head, it took me close to 3 weeks. Still love ya babe. Don't worry, it'll grow back :) ))

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