Monday, February 1, 2010

The Struggle and Release

As many people who are reading this blog know (all 6 of you :) this past week has been rather difficult at work, and late on Friday night, the 6 year old who stole everyone's heart passed into forever, peacefully at her home in her sleep.

There was no struggle. There was no pain. Her family was together. And now she is forever above us.

This does not mean that the next few days will be easy. Because while her pain has ended, many people's pain here has just begun. And it is an ache that will be forever felt -- like a hole in your heart that you can't get back.

At some point, I know I will break down. I know I will cry, and I know I will hurt. But after seeing the name and number of your social worker on your cell phone at 9 AM on a Saturday, you know it isn't anything good. And so, I heard the news, let it sink for a minute, and then got ready for work. Because right now, I don't have time for a break down. This I feel, makes me a strange and awful person. But life continues to go on, with or without the break down. Eventually, it will come. And the tears will fall. And the pain will be felt.

With or without the breakdown, there is a perfect, pain free, smiling, happy, playful and joyous princess with her complete personality watching over every single person whose life she touched on such an intimate level.

So, my little So-Ro, I miss you and I love you, and you will forever be a part of me.
-Your Scarf-girl


  1. I hate kids but I hate seeing kids with diseases more. I think that's one of the main reasons I lost all faith in religion and all that from seing children suffer.

    Hope you're alright. Well written!


  2. </3

    I don't know how you do it. You're way stronger than I am- staying there and seeing them all. My heart couldn't take it anymore. Even though now I'm not there, and it's still affecting me...


  3. Whit,

    Impressive, and you only thought 6 people followed your blog.