Friday, February 12, 2010


Every 2 years we have this fabulous time when the world comes together and celebrates those people who have been gifted to be the "best of the best" in the world of athletics.

It's time, for the Olympics. It's a time for great pride in your country. For great pride in the people who are crazy like Shaun White (and choose to do flips off of half-pipe with the chances of hitting your head on the ice and pretty much becoming a vegetable. But I digress)

Granted, ballroom dancing has been added (much to the dismay of many, however, watching the competition, it's quite intense. It's not exactly country line dancing in middle school gym class anymore. What a hassle THAT was).

The Olympics might be the most fun 12 days on TV every 2 years, especially if your country is good at some sport that is included and can rally around. In the 90s during the winter Olympics, it was Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan. And the guy that always looks old cuz he has a bald head and he's a figure skater. First name Scott, last name, I can't remember. Eh, it happens.

This year, as much as I hate to admit it, I just don't know the Americans going to the Winter Olympics and representing our country. Other than Lindsay Vonn (who in order to get paid more is now posing for Sports Illustrated) Shaun White (who is 23 and making TONS of money) and Bode Miller.

Are we as a country going to topple medal counts like we do in the summer Olympics (thank YOU Michael Phelps, with your pot smoking rock hard abs that I am sure JM is sick of hearing about, hahaha). Maybe, maybe not. But even if we don't I think it's important to recognize those people who have busted their butts to get to where they are today.

Shooting a trillion miles a minute down the craziest ski slopes (when I get scared I fall and almost hit trees. Story for another time but totally true). Or going around in the tiniest of circles with blades on their feet. Or getting tossed in the air, doing spins and hoping the person that's supposed to catch you is still standing.

Congratulations on your huge accomplishment. I know I couldn't do it, but man I sure am glad NBC devotes every channel they have to showing you all day long for the next 12. Good luck Vancouver. I hope it snows and doesn't rain.

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  1. Scott Hamilton!!! I looooved him!!!!!!!