Thursday, February 25, 2010

From a Shavee looks great. Life is full of signs. I always wanted to buzz my hair and you were my sign. You gave me a reason and a cause to do something I always wanted to do. I have raised over $500 for kids, for kids who every day will deal with hardships I can't even imagine.

I listen to people talk about how attached to their hair they are. I look at them and I remember my grandma who was terrified when she found out she had cancer. I remember seeing a family video of the Christmas she found out she had cancer. She was always the matriarch of the family. I remember the camera going around the room and in the background she was standing with a look I can’t describe. There was my Grandma, a woman who would stand up with grace and honor in all situation, scared and unsure of what the future would hold.

It’s just hair. People ask me how I can buzz my hair off. It’s my choice. What about the people who don’t have a choice? What about the people who don’t get to choose if they lose their hair, what about those who have to go through grueling rounds of chemo like champs, what about those who don’t get to choose what happens in the end? We are giving our hair for them.

I always wanted a reason to buzz my hair. I feel like when I do things I don’t want them to be pointless. I don’t just get a tattoo because it’s cool, it has to have a meaning. I don’t just organize a protest to stand out, it has to be for a cause I believe in. I don’t just speak up for those who can’t, I do it because I believe everyone has the right to be heard. I didn’t just want to buzz my hair, I wanted to do it for a reason. I met Whitney LIll and she gave me a reason.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize the power they hold. I worked for Habitat one college Spring Break. I built a house for a family. They were so thankful that I gave up a week of my time to help build them a place to live. Imagine if every single person gave up one day to help build a house...could we prevent homelessness? What else could we do if we united as a people? Just think about it....

Maria~Over and Out

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