Monday, February 22, 2010

I am becoming my parents

.... not that that's technically a bad thing, but man, these days, the similarities just keep popping out of NO WHERE.

Take this weekend for instance. I have become super anal about turning off lights at the apartment. (This may be because of the ABSURD electric bill we had last month. Or, it could just be that we live in a 125 year old building with ZERO insulation...). This feature has been ingrained into me as a child from my father. He is the king of turning off lights when you aren't in the room. He used to lose it on me when I would leave the light on in the family room if I walked into the kitchen. (Love you, Dad!)

I have started to do the same thing.

JM and JS have started to comment on these things. Like, "Wow Whit, didn't know you were so energy efficient."

Or, "I guess we're getting a bit anal about lights being on in rooms."

Or even, "This is something you should tell people that clearly bothers you because you've become quite the light turner-offer these days."

I literally walk from one end of the house to the other turning off lights. I am officially a spaz.

But that's just how I am becoming my Dad (besides the fact that I lectured someone about student loan payments the other day. Dad, you would be so proud of me! Granted, it was without the spreadsheets, but still. I was so "financially intelligent" for a minute I thought to myself, Wow, I actually listened when I was 18. So, THANK YOU DAD!)

There will be another post when I am more like my Mom. But this past week, it was all Dad, all the time. Impressive, I know.

PS, how much are we loving Maria's blog post?? Seriously, she hasn't stolen JM from me, but wow can she make class and life entertaining!

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  1. Oh I am so guilty of this too! And this is from my Dad too! He would chase us around the house and turn off lights...I do this at my Mom's and at my own house. Dave, I swear, leaves EVERY light on upstairs when he's been downstairs for 2 hours! Ay yay yay!