Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have a problem. It's called incorrect grammar. It really, really, really makes me angry. Really. You might say that it's part of the type A personality coming out.

You would be correct.

Your and you're
Their and they're and there
To and too
It's and its

There's another one that starts with an "a" versus one with an "e" but the antibiotics are kicking in and my brain is fuzzy. Leave it be. Or, remind me of it in the comments.

It makes me mad when people use them incorrectly in emails. In letters. In texts. Ugh. Pet peeve 1000, improper grammar.

That's on top of pet peeve #1: don't tell me you're going to do something and not do it.

Or annoyance #32: going to Employee Health and having them do a rapid strep test, have it come back negative and having the stupid PA tell me that I still need to go home. Ha. Fooled you. I'm still at work. So. There. With a mask, antibiotics and hot water and lemons. But still. I win.

Any pet peeves or annoyances out there these days? I bet people who are getting tons of snow right now have a lot of them... like, lack of plows. Or, moving further south to avoid the snow and getting more than upstate NY has gotten all year. In a week. Ha. Suckers :)


  1. I think you were reaching for "accept" versus "except"

  2. It could have been affect vs. effect you were heading for.


  3. ooh Becki is probably right... I think I was actually heading for that too ha